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General Banners


PVC printed banners with eyelets remain a vital component of all business promotions.

Everybody uses banners. They are a classic display option which are as versatile as they are affordable. Absolute Graphix can provide a range of banner fabrics to suit your budget and end use. All of our banners come with a hem and eyelets as standard.

We also make the very popular roller banners which come in their own carry case and are very easy to transport and put up almost anywhere.

You can send us your ready-made artwork as a PDF or ask us to create artwork for you.

Leadtime typically around 3 - 5 days.

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Standard banner PVC printed:
Suitable for general purpose use

Heavy duty banner PVC printed:
Suitable for banners with longer life expectancy or in more demanding areas

Mesh banner printed:
Suitable for scaffolding or other locations with strong cross-winds

Roller banner premium media printed (stop-light):
Suitable for most portable roller banner units

Banners Banners Banners
Roller Banners
Roller Banner premium media in base
Our premium media roller banners feature a very high quality printed banner media that blocks all back light and does not curl at the edges. Very portable, easy to use and incredibly versatile.

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